All about Orange County Wedding Photographers,

Jovanni Photography…

and the two behind the cameras, Jove + Annie

southern california wedding photographers jove and annie of jovanni photography

So you want to get to know us, huh?

Well … we are Orange County Wedding Photographers, Jove + Annie of Jovanni Photography.  We look into not only capturing all the precious moments of our couples’ big days, but also want to build lifelong friendships with them.  That’s what we’re all about and would be thrilled to become great friends with you!

Besides our love for photography, we are all about family…in fact we truly believe in the motto F.O.E., or Family Over Everything.  We combined both of our huge families once we got married, and we continue the tradition, by building a family of our own in our two boys Jerelle and Javien.  We also are big foodies and love to travel and having our family experience all the different cultures, sights, and of course, the food of the world.

Meet Your Wedding Photographers


The Creative

I like to think of myself as the sane one in the relationship, but people who know me well might think otherwise.  My mind often looks at things in a different perspective, which comes in handy when in comes to paying attention to detail.

I constantly surround myself with food, family, friends, love and laughter, but not necessarily in that order.  I love Hello Kitty, cold weather so I can wear my jackets, anime, and rainy days; but I hate raw onions, olives, clowns, and scary movies.

While some people crave goodies like chocolate, chips, and cookies, I crave actual meals like phad see-ew, dragon rolls, and chicken tikka masala.  I love meeting new people and hope to meet you!

Meet Jove

The Techie

Being an engineer by day, I like to look at the technical aspects of things.  My many years in the Army has taught me to be very disciplined and to pay close attention to detail.

Growing up, I was always the hopeless romantic.  However, I can be awkward and weird at times (because Annie tells me so).  Randomness, wit, and sarcasm always seem to travel my mind.  I truly believe that our 2 sons, Jerelle + Javien, along with our 2 dogs, Kaley (corgi) + Blanca (pomeranian) run the household.  I’m love reality tv but mostly The Amazing Race as I love to travel.

I’m all about college basketball and supporting my alma mater, the Kansas Jayhawks especially during March Madness.  I’m looking forward to hearing about your love story and capturing your big day!

Everybody has a unique love story.  You wouldn’t be here right now if you didn’t, right? We absolutely cannot wait to hear about yours!  Ours can be best summarized by our wedding day montage found below.